Using Telehealth to Access Medical Care

In these uncertain times, it helps to have options for entering care when you do n’t feelwell.However, you may want to consider telehealth, If you want to visit a doctor without leaving your home.

What’s telehealth?

Also called telemedicine, telehealth enables you to see a croaker using your mobile device or computer with a webcam. Telehealth croakers treat common health issues like a cold wave, the flu, a fever, rashes, disinclinations and further.

Why choose telehealth?

Telehealth is a good choice when your regular croaker is n’t available. It’s also a good volition to the exigency room and can help you avoid long delays at an critical care centerOther advantages include

Access. Telehealth services are easy to use. You simply download an app or visit a website.
After you register, you can use the service wherever you have an internet connection.
Affordability. A telehealth visit costs about the same as or lower than a croaker ’s office visit.
Quality. In a recent studyactors who used telehealth said they were veritably satisfied and set up it simple to connect. They also recommended it to others.1

How do I use telehealth?

stillbelow are a many recommendations
If you’re interested in trying telehealth but are n’t sure where to begin.
communicate your health plan. Telehealth services may be offered as part of your health benefits.
still, you can still use a service like LiveHealth Online, If you do n’t have healthcoverage.You’ll just pay a set figure for the visit.
Use the Sydney Care mobile app. With this app, you can admit answers to your questions using the SymptomChecker.However, the app will connect you to a croaker through a Virtual Care textbook session or a LiveHealth Online videotape session, If you need medical care. You can use this whether you have health content or not. Download the app from the App StoreSM or Google Play ™.
Call your croaker or original sanitarium to see if they’re offering telehealth.

What’s the future of telehealth?

Because further people are working from home, telehealth is getting more popularUsing telehealth can help you save the time and bring it takes to go to a croaker ’s officealso, you’ll know the cost outspoken so there are no surprises. With all of these advantages, telehealth is snappily getting a more common way to visit the croaker .

Coming time you are n’t feeling well and want to see a croaker , you may want to try telehealth. It’s a great way to pierce medical care from the safety and comfort of your home.


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LiveHealth Online is the trade name of Health Management Corporation, a separate company furnishing telehealth services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross

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