Three effects to know about mammograms

In honor of bone cancer mindfulness month, we want to shine a limelight on mammograms. It’s a crucial part of taking care of yourself.

1.Why are mammograms important?

Because they can descry bone cancer beforehand, when it’s easiest to treatCroakers believe early discovery saves thousands of lives every time. And there are lots of options where to go, your croaker can help.

2.utmost introductory mammogram wireworks are covered when you go to a croaker in your plan.

It probably wo n’t bring anything, but some services like 3D or Ultrasound may not be completely covered the same wayGive us a call before you go.

3.Mammograms are quick and presumably not as painful as you suppose.

They’re over in about 15 twinkles. 1 It’s easy to preparejust do n’t wear deodorant/ antiperspirant, poulticesmaquillages and ointment on your casket area can show up as white spots on theX-ray.
The first step is talking to your croaker Find Care

or your croaker and calltoday.However, hopefully this ’ll help you feel less nervous about it, If you have n’t gotten a mammogram ahead. And if you haveuse it as a memorial to make sure you ’re over– to- date.

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