Save money on Your Lab Tests

Choose an in- network independent lab and pay lower

Different labs charge different prices for the same services, so it’s important to compare your options before seekingcare.However, similar as a blood or urine test, you can keep your eschewal– of- fund costs down by choosing independent labs in your plan, If you need to have a lab testUsing other labs, especially those that are out– of- network, could bring much further.

Know your options and save money

Compare the cost of an in- network independent lab with other options

Type of lab Cost of services * Percent you pay
if coinsurance) Your cost before
meeting your
deductible Your cost after
meeting your
In- network independent lab$ 80 10$ 80$ 8
In- network sanitarium lab$ 150 10$ 150$ 15
Out- of- network lab$ 225 30$ 225$67.50
Grounded on sample costs

Independent labs in your network offer

Significant savings for the same service and quality of care.
Accessible locales.
Flexible hours, including early mornings and Saturdays.
Several in- network independent sharing labs, similar as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, offer enhanced servicesincluding online appointment scheduling and direct access to results. They may indeed save you a trip by picking up your instance at your croaker ’s office.

Understanding your options is important in helping you make the right opinions about yourcare.However, call the Member Services number on your ID card, If you have questions about using an independent lab.

Find an in- network independent lab near you

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