Making time for a flu shot protects you and others

When it comes to the flu, the stylish way to cover yourself and others is by getting a flu shot in early fallThen’s what you need to know about the flu vaccine.

Who should get a flu vaccine?

monthly flu vaccine is recommended for utmost people periods six months and aged.1 Flu shots are available for childrengrown-ups, and seniors.

When is the stylish time to be vaccinated?

September and October are the stylish times to get a flu shot, before the flu season starts in your community. It takes about two weeks for the flu shot to take full effect, so the before you get it, the before you and your family are defended.2 The timing and inflexibility of the flu varies each time, but it’s better to be prepared and defended so you do n’t miss any vacation fun.

What are the benefits of getting vaccinated?

The vaccine is an important part of precluding the flu. It protects you, musketeersfamily, and others around you, especially those who are high threat. This includes babiesyouthful childrenaged grown-upspregnant people, and anyone with a habitual health conditionsimilar as asthma, diabetes, or heart or lung complaint.1

Flu vaccine mythsvs. facts3

Then are some of the most common myths around getting a flu shot.

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