How much does disability insurance cost?

As a general rule of thumb, an individual long term disability insurance costs about 1 to 3 of your periodic payment. This map below gives you an idea of roughly what you could anticipate to pay for your disability insurance grounded on your earnings.





$30,000 $300 – $900 $25 – $75
$50,000 $500 – $1500 $60 – $125
$100,000 $1000 – $3000 $83 – $250
$150,000 $1500 – $4500 $125 – $375
$200,000 $2000 – $6000 $166 – $500

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Disability insurance cost depends on several factors. They include

Benefit quantum.

Long– term disability insurance generally replaces between 40 to 65 of yourpre-tax earnings. The advanced that chance is, the further your disability insurance will bring.

Benefit period.

The length of time you ’d be eligible to admit disability insurance income can range from a many months to until you reach withdrawal age. Your disability insurance cost generally increases as the benefit period increases.

Elimination period length.

Nearly every disability insurance policy has a staying period before you can admit benefits after suffering an injury or illness. It’s known as the “ elimination period ” and you can suppose of it as a deductible measured in time rather of plutocrat. The elimination period can last anywhere from a many days for short term disability insurance to two times for long term disability insurance. By choosing a longer elimination period, you can reduce your disability insurance cost.

Your age.

Because your liability of suffering an injury or illness increases as you get aged, your disability insurance cost will increase as you ageBuying disability insurance when you ’re youthful is frequently a smart move because it’s cheaper and you may be suitable to lock in a low rate.

Your health.

You’ll probably pay further for disability insurance if you ’re in poor healthbank or if you or your family has a history of habitual complaint. Some disability insurance companies let you count an illness or disability you formerly have — just know that you wo n’t be suitable to collect disability insurance income if the barred illness or injury makes it insolvable for you to work.

Your occupation.

The pitfalls of your job and the payment it commands also factor into your disability insurance costMore dangerous jobs and jobs that pay a high payment are generally more precious to ensure.

Your pursuits

sharing in parlous pursuits like soaring will frequently increase the cost of your disability insurance.

Your gender.

Disability insurance can bring further for women or for men depending on their age. In generalmen tend to pay further as they progress.

The description of disability.

There are two disability delineations that disability insurance companies use
Own occupation disability insurance kicks in when you can no longer perform the job you had when you came impaired. An illustration would be a painter who suffers a hand injury.
Any occupation disability insurance only kicks in if you ca n’t perform any job at all. To use the illustration over, the painter could earn an income from tutoring or speaking about oil.
Own occupation disability insurance generally costs further than any occupation disability insurance.


Riders are fresh contents you can choose to add to your disability insurance policyDepending on the disability insurance company, you may or may not be charged to add them to your policy. Three common disability insurance riders are
Guaranteed renewable rider means your disability insurance policy can not be canceled as long as you pay your decorations. Some variations on this rider let you lock in your disability insurance rate as well.
Affectation protection rider lets you add a cost– of- living adaptation to your disability insurance policy. It increases your disability insurance income by a specified chance after each time of disability.
Residual benefits rider pays partial disability insurance benefits if a disability reduces your income but you can still work in some capacity.
There are numerous different kinds of disability insurance programs out there that can be customized to your exact requirements and budget. The stylish way to learn further about disability insurance and to get a disability insurance quotation is from a certified insurance agentCheck out our agent locator to get started.

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