Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Flu Season

It’s more important than ever to get your flu shot this season. The CDC estimates the flu has redounded in 140,000 to 710,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 to 52,000 deaths each time between 2010 and 2020. Getting your periodic flu shot is the stylish forestallment against the contagion. It protects both you and the people around you.

In additionnumerous people at advanced threat for flu are also at advanced threat for COVID- 19, but there are ways to reduce pitfalls for severe complaint from both.

Getting both vaccines is the stylish way to avoid illness this flu season.

The flu shot doesn’t give someone the flu, just as no bone can contract COVID- 19 from the COVID vaccines. Again, flu vaccination reduces the threat of illness by further than 50, and studies show the COVID vaccines are indeed more effective at precluding severe illnessindeed with the rise in variants.

Understanding flu shot hesitancy.

Despite the flu shot being the stylish defense against the influenza contagiononly around half of Americans get the flu vaccine each time. A 2021 check conducted by the National Foundation of Infectious conditions set up 44 of repliers were doubtful or don’t plan to get the vaccine.

Misinformation can be a big problem as people weigh the pros and cons of getting a flu shotThen are some crucial questions about the flu shot and why flu vaccinations are important.

There were so many cases of flu last time. Should I get a flu shot this time?

The 2020- 2021 flu season saw an surprisingly low number of cases. Experts believe the low flu exertion was driven by two factors

COVID- 19 forestallment measures that were in place. These include face masks, handwashing, social distancing, remote work and literacy, and significantly reduced trip.
An increase in the number of people getting the flu vaccine.
While these results are good news, that doesn’t mean the 2021- 2022 flu season will also be mild. In fact, we could be more vulnerable to catching the flu this season than in previous times for several reasons

The surprisingly low number of flu cases last season means smaller people have natural impunity to strains that are active this season.
utmost areas of the country now have relaxed COVID- 19 forestallment measuressimilar as masking and social distancing) that helped cover us from the flu last season.
seminaries are restarted for in- person literacy and people are returning to the office.
trip is adding sprucely compared to 2020.
further people are attending large events like musicalessporting events, and conferences.

got the COVID- 19 vaccine. Should I get a flu shot too?

Yes. Although both contagions partake numerous of the same symptoms, the COVID- 19 vaccine doesn’t cover you against the flu and the flu shot won’t cover you against COVID- 19. Both vaccines are important. In fact experts prognosticate that as flu contagions return and Delta variants circulate, there’s eventuality for an increase in both flu and Covid- 19 cases.

need to space out my COVID- 19 vaccination/ supporter and my flu shotso I’m going to delay my flu shot.

The CDC says it’s safe to admit the COVID- 19 vaccine or supporter and the flu shot on the same day. The CDC web point shows who’s eligible for COVID- 19 supporter shots grounded on blessings for the differentmanufacturers.However, anticipate to admit each vaccine in a different arm to help reduce any tenderheartedness that may do, If you record both shots on the same day.

Is the flu shot effective? I had the flu shot a many times agone and still got sick.

The effectiveness of flu vaccines can vary from season to season. Vaccines work by tutoring your body to fete contagion and defend against it.

According to the CDC, two of the most important factors in determining how well the vaccine workshop are

Age and general health of the person being vaccinated. once studies have shown the vaccine is generally 50 to 60 effective for healthy grown-ups between the periods of 18 and 65.
How well the vaccines match the type of flu contagions spreading in the community. All flu vaccines in the United States are “ quadrivalent ” vaccines that cover against four different flu contagions H1N1, H3N2, and two influenza B contagions. While the vaccine we’ve in theU.S. protects against the most common type of flu contagionsother influenza contagions can also spread and beget infection.
stillalso what are the benefits of getting a flu shot?

If the flu vaccine isn’t 100 effective.

utmost people who admit the vaccine won’t contract the flu at all. And for those for whom the vaccine doesn’t fully help the flu, it has been shown to reduce the inflexibility of flu related symptoms, complications, hospitalizations, and death. A 2021 study showed the flu vaccination was linked to a 26 lower threat of ICU admissions and a 31 lower threat of death from flu when compared to unvaccinated cases.

I’m healthy and I noway get the flu. Should I get a flu shot?

Yes. One important reason to get a flu shot is to cover those in your familyplantcommunity or surroundings who are at high threat for flu related complications, hospitalizations, and indeed death.

These groups are considered to be at high threat for flu complications

Children under 5, especially those under 2 times old
Babies under 6 months of age
Pregnant women and those who have lately given birth
Grown-ups over age 65
People with habitual health conditions

Will the flu shot make me feel sick?

The flu vaccine is made up of inactivated contagions, so the flu shot can not give you the flu. It’s possible to have mild flu shot side goods that can last for one to two dayssimilar as low grade feverheadache, and sore muscles.

have n’t heard of numerous cases in my areaso I don’t need a flu shot right now.

While it’s noway too late the get the flu shot, the CDC says the stylish time to get a flu shot is by the end of October. Your body takes about two weeks to develop antibodies that cover against flu, so don’t stay until flu cases spike in your community.

don’t have time to record a flu shot.

The flu shot is extensively available. You can admit it from your primary care croaker , retail health conventionsapothecaries, and critical care centersutmost apothecaries accept walk– sways and utmost insurance. Visitmy-flu-shot.com to find apothecaries offering flu shots thisyear.However, check to see what periods the drugstore is certified to vaccinate, If you’re seeking vaccines for a child.

And, if you have insurance, the shot will probably bring you nothingutmost health insurance plansincluding Medicare and Medicaid, cover the flu shot at 100 under preventative careUse the Sydney Health app or the Find Care tool to detect an in- network installation near you. No- cost transportation may also be available for members in select Medicaid and Medicareplans.However, you can visit 211, If you don’t have transportation through your health plan and need help chancing aride.org or coordinate transportation throughmy-flu-shot.com.

Your periodic flu shot offers the stylish protection against the contagion, reduces the inflexibility of flu related complications, and protects those around you who are at high threatNow is the time to get a flu shot.

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