Elevance Health Contraceptive Coverage Notice

Elevance Health’s related health plans give content of the FDA- approved styles for women’s contraceptive services, sterilization procedures and comfortingincluding

general contraceptive medicines
Injectable contraceptive medicines and patches
Contraceptive bias similar as diaphragms, intra uterine bias( IUDs), cervical caps and implants
untoward FDA- approved contraceptives for women as specified by a healthcare provider
Voluntary sterilization procedures for women
Education and comforting
This content may not apply to certain plans that are grandfathered plans under ACA rules.

Important Note About Contraceptive medicines

These contraceptive services will be covered at a$ 0 cost sharing when attained from an in- network drugstore. Some orders and classes of contraception don’t have generics available and, in each of these orders, at least one brand name product is available at a$ 0 costsharing.However, you may gain content of the medicine with a$ 0 cost sharing if your provider submits an Exception Request to admit previous blessing to define the contraceptive, If your provider determines that a brand name medicine with an available general remedial fellow is necessary because a general remedial original medicine isn’t applicable for you. Members can find fresh information regarding these contraceptive benefitsincluding the Exception Request process, in the substantiation of Coverage and Disclosure Form. Cost sharing may vary depending on state laws and regulations.

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