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Taking time for routine mammograms is an important part of staying healthy. One in eight women will develop bone cancer in her continuance, and while mammograms ca n’t help or cure cancer, they ’re the stylish tool to find it beforehand, when it’s easier to treat. These simple wireworks are about putting yourself first, so you can be there for the bones you love.

Women of any race or race can get bone cancer, and it affects some groups else than others. Choose a videotape below to learn further.

Choose a videotape below to learn further

What’s a mammogram?

Mammograms areX-rays of your boneCroakers can check thoseX-rays for signs of bone canceroccasionally up to three times before there are any symptoms. As with other cancers, it’s stylish to find it beforehand, when there are more treatment options.

How frequently should I’ve mammograms?

It’s important to have regular mammograms, indeed if you do n’t have any family history of bone cancerfeel healthy, or have had clear mammograms in the history. In factnearly 90 of women diagnosed with bone cancer do n’t have a family history of it. also, the chance of developing it increases as you age.

You should talk to your croaker about what’s right for you, but utmost women should begin having mammograms every one to two times starting at age 40. Once you turn 50, you should have a mammogram every time. Between mammograms, you should also perform bone tone– examinations to feel for lumps or changes about formerly a month. They ’re easy to do in just a many twinkles at home.

What should I anticipate when I get a mammogram?

A mammogram only takes about 10 to 15 twinkles. During the webbing, a technician will take filmland of your guts with anX-ray machine. It’s a safesimple procedure. They will shoot the images to a radiologist( a croaker who specializes in reviewingX-rays), so they wo n’t be suitable to tell you anything about your results during your visit. Radiologists will generally report results to you and your croaker within a many weeks.

What do my mammogram results mean?

The radiologist will check yourX-rays for anything out of the ordinary and compare it with formerX-rays to look for changes in your gutsAbnormal mammogram results do n’t inescapably mean there’s cancer. There are numerous inoffensive causes of abnormal mammograms, similar as thick gutsminor excrescencies, orX-rays that were simply hard toread.However, your croaker will probably ask you to come back in for further tests, If the results are abnormal. You and your croaker will develop a treatment plan if further testing does find cancer. There are numerous options for treating bone cancerespecially when it’s set up in early stages.

How can I lower my risk of breast cancer?

There’s no sure way to help bone cancernumerous threat factors are out of your controlsimilar as getting aged and a family history of cancer. In addition to regular mammograms, you can reduce your threat of bone cancer by staying healthy in these ways

Maintain a healthy weight
Exercise regularly
Drink alcohol in temperance, or not at all
Learn further about lowering your threat of bone cancer.

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