Concierge Care Helps Manage a Chronic Health Condition

Joliene Garlich did n’t know important about Crohn’s complaint before she was diagnosed, but she knew her symptoms kept her from feeling well and spending quality time with her family. She decided to subscribe up for concierge care from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. It gives her a direct connection to her care director, who leads her watch plan, as well as the capability to track her symptoms and detect complaintspecific information. People with habitual conditions similar as Crohn’s complaint, diabetes, long COVID, as well as people with cancer, can also use concierge care to laboriously share in their care plan through a digital connection with a care director.

Concierge care works in a variety of ways to make it easier to manage your health condition through digital technology. You can fill out diurnal symptom checkslink data from your weight scale directly to the app, set drug monuments, and earn points for completing diurnal operations related to water input, nutrition, exercisestress operation, and smoking conclusion. You can also find further information about your condition. What’s most precious for numerous people is the diurnal contact with their care director.

“ The stylish thing about concierge care is Kelly( Cooper). She’s my nanny , my particular connection, ” Garlich said. “ And she just knows nearly everything about Crohn’s. ” Garlich appreciates being suitable to reach Cooper through the concierge care app wherever she’s on the run, in the auto, at work, or at home.

“ Getting answers to my questions from Kelly and from the app has freed me from fussing and having to search online for informationletting me spend further happy time with my family. It’s led to me feeling better, too, ” said Garlich. “ She’s like my medical tutor. ”

“ It’s a honor for me to be suitable to take care of our members this way, ” Cooper said, “ through the app, digitally, on a diurnal baseoccasionally five or six times a day. This is a completely different way of thinking, a different way of doing effects. ”

While the connection with a care director may be digital, you aren’t talking to a robot. The empathy and support come from a real person who can help you understand the situation and offer help when you need it.

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