쯔양 “살려달라”…녹취록엔 때리고 폭력 폭행

지난 11일 JTBC ‘사건반장’은 전 남자친구 이씨와 쯔양의 대화 녹취록 일부를 공개했다. https://www.newsis.com/view/ad/proc_view_body1.html공개된 녹취록에서 쯔양은 무언가에 맞은 듯 비명을 질렀고 이씨는 “이런 XXX아. 이러지 말랬지. 야 이리와”라며 욕설을 했다. 쯔양이 “살려주세요. 잘못했어”라고 하자 이씨는 “앉아. 빨리 앉아. 정확하게 들어. 나 이거 길어지면 XX하게 되니까”라고 말했다. 이씨는 “얘기를 해야 되니까 죽여버리기 전에 앉아”라고 위협했다. 앞서 쯔양은 … Read more

900만 달러 대북송금’ 김성태 실형…법정구속 면해

법원, 징역 2년 6월 및 징역 1년에 집행유예 2년 각각 선고 (수원=연합뉴스) 이영주 류수현 기자 = 이재명 전 더불어민주당 대표가 경기도지사 시절이던 2019년 경기도를 대신해 북한에 800만 달러를 지급한 혐의 등으로 기소된 김성태 전 쌍방울 그룹 회장에게 징역형의 실형이 선고됐다. 수원지법 형사11부(신진우 부장판사)는 12일 외국환거래법 위반, 뇌물공여 및 정치자금법 위반, 남북교류협력법 위반 등 혐의로 기소된 … Read more

How to get life insurance — tips and advice

Buying life insurance is about making sure the people who depend on you’ll be watched for, indeed if you ’re not around. But how do you know how important protection you need, or which type of content is right for you and your family? woman sitting and probing insurance on her laptop First time buying life insurance? Let us walk you through it. still, there’s a good chance you have lots of questions, If you ’ve noway bought life insurance before. Fortunately, we ’ve been doing this for a veritably long time, so we ’ve put together a mini ” How- to Guide ” to help you get started. Know what you want your content to do. As you get started, it can be helpful to readdress the reasons why you’re buying a life insurance policy. Is it to replace your income, pay off your … Read more

Everything you need to know about life insurance.

There is a lot of information out there about life insurance, but you do not need to understand all of it to get started. The introductory premise is simple Life insurance gives you peace of mind while you are alive, and fiscal support for your loved bones when you are gone. It’s commodity you should have if there are people in your life depending on you for everyday living charges, council education, or withdrawal income. Life insurance can make a huge difference for you and your family, not just financially but emotionally, too. And copping a policy sooner, rather than latterly, will give you more options and inflexibility, and ameliorate your unborn fiscal security. Your life insurance questions answered.   Do I need life insurance? Most probably, yes. Especially if you have someone depending on you for fiscal support. How does life insurance work? Life insurance is an agreement between … Read more

Critical Care vs Emergency Room Which Should I Choose?

You ’ve been in the situation where you ’ve had an accident or illness and need to see a croaker snappily for treatment. But your decision on where you go for care can impact your health as well as costs. Read about the differences between Urgent Care and the exigency Room. Infographic Script critical Care or ER? critical Care vs exigency Room which should I choose? When you need immediate care, it’s noway commodity you ’re ready for. occasionally it’s delicate to know whether the Urgent Care or the exigency Room is the right place to go. Not only can this choice impact your health, it can impact you financially. critical Care critical Care is ideal for when your croaker ’s office is n’t open, and for treating your family’s minor accidents and ails, similar as1 Minor fractures, sprains, and disruptions Cuts or bad scrapes demanding aches or expert dressing Flu symptoms including nausea, high fever, body pangs, sore throat and further exigency Room( ER) Choose the … Read more

What to Know About Narrow Networks

What to Know About Narrow Networks Choosing the right health insurance plan can bear a fair quantum of exploration. Understanding the relationship between yearly decoration costs, deductibles andco-pays has long been at the top of this list. More lately, knowing the kind of health care network a plan provides has also come important. An adding number of insurers now promote “ narrow network ” plans that can be less precious than more traditional immolations. still, that added affordability comes with a dicker that could leave you with smaller options for covered medical services. Understanding Narrow Networks Narrow network plans are analogous to the health conservation associations( HMOs) that numerous of us have turned to for times. Like standard HMOs, these plans limit content to a select group of croakers , specialists and hospitals. still, narrow network plans can be indeed more restrictive in the number of providers they include. Those providers generally have been proven to have advanced measured quality and better issues for cases. They also generally agree to lower remitments from insurers, which can mean lower decorations and out- of- fund charges for consumers. You ’re more likely to see narrow networks which include narrow drugstore networks if … Read more

Using Telehealth to Access Medical Care

In these uncertain times, it helps to have options for entering care when you do n’t feelwell.However, you may want to consider telehealth, If you want to visit a doctor without leaving your home. What’s telehealth? Also called telemedicine, telehealth enables you to see a croaker using your mobile device or computer with a webcam. Telehealth croakers treat common health issues like a cold wave, the flu, a fever, rashes, disinclinations and further. Why choose telehealth? Telehealth is a good choice when your regular croaker is n’t available. It’s also a good volition to the exigency room and can help you avoid long delays at an critical care center. Other advantages include Access. Telehealth services are easy to use. You simply download an app or visit a website. After you register, you can use the service wherever you have an internet connection. Affordability. A telehealth visit costs about … Read more

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enrich Your Life

With technology so integrated in our diurnal lives, chances are you use a “ smart ” device numerous times a day — if not several times an hour. Ninety- six percent of Americans enjoy a mobile phone, 21 percent use a smartwatch or fitness shamus , and one- in- four grown-ups owns a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, according to the Pew Research Center. Our mobile phones can give instant hunt results or driving directions and indeed answer trivia questions. We use our smart watches to get heart rate cautions and our smart home bias to play music on- demand. All of these conveniences calculate on what’s called artificial intelligence( AI), in which computers process large quantities of data and make recommendations grounded on the results. From croaker visits to using health benefits, AI is changing the way people admit care and manage their health. Then are three ways AI is changing your health care 1. Helping Croakers give Better Care Thanks … Read more

3 Ways to Fit in Exercise When Working from Home

New exploration shows that the number of days that American workers telecommute has doubled during the epidemic. Not only that, one- in- four workers say they’re working entirely from home. And while there are clear benefits to a home office setup, it’s also easy for work– life boundaries to blur. Longer hours online, meetings, and increased family liabilities can make it hard to prioritize exercise. Committing to small but poignant conduct throughout the day can help. One way to sculpt out time is to “ reclaim your commute. ” According to theU.S. Census Bureau, the average commute is nearly a partial hour oneway.However, devote the time you would have spent exchanging to physical exertion, If you’re now working from home. Follow these tips to increase your physical exertion position while at home 1. Increase your step count Why it’s important Indeed a many twinkles of walking improves blood rotation, muscle exertion and your capability to concentrate. Set a diurnal step thing( the standard is around 10,000 way, but it’ll vary grounded on your particular fitness position) and track your results using your phone, smartwatch, or fitness shamus . How frequently Every … Read more

What Are Social motorists of Health — and How Do They Affect You?

When considering the keys to good health, you might mention regular doctor well visits, nutritional foods, and regular exercise. But those are n’t the only effects that impact your health – for better or worse. In fact, numerous external factors – frequently called “ motorists of health ” or “ social determinants of health ” – play a crucial part on your overall health, including where you live, access to grocery stores and transportation, your social circles and community, your education, your job, and your access to colorful types of health care. While numerous of these factors may be feel beyond our control, by learning about the social and environmental conditions affecting your health, you can also learn what you can do about them. Where You Live The position of your home and your original coffers can have significant impact on the health of you and your neighbors. For illustration, areas with healthier residers may include easier and lesser access to grocery stores with affordable and healthy food, recreation and exercise options, … Read more

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